About Us

Everything you need to know about our Company

Why choose Us.

Altech UEC’s perennial success can be ascribed to a business philosophy that is built on partnering with our customers and empowering them to realise their business imperatives. Through a resolute commitment to innovation, value, and quality, we have earned an enviable reputation for delivering market leading products and solutions.

Our History.

As a pioneer of the DVB STB industry AMMI (then UEC) launched a world-first DVB STB in 1995. Since that time, AMMI has consistently been in the forefront of digital technical innovation, developing ground-breaking products custom designed to suit each Network Operator’s unique technical and commercial requirements, thus enabling the capture of significant market share across the world.

What we Do.

Altech Multimedia Group incorporates Altech Multimedia International (AMMI), Altech UEC (UEC) and Altech GDL (GDL). AMMI is a world-leading provider of products, professional services and competitive solutions to the digital Broadcast and Broadband industries. AMMI’s solutions include a number of innovative world-first applications that are currently deployed in several digital television networks around the world.

Key Facts

Our History As a Group

The original UEC Company was acquired in 1986 by the Altech Group and, as a pioneer of the DVB STB industry, UEC launched a world-first DVB STB in 1995. By 1999 we exceeded 1 million STBs sold globally. By 2010, we had delivered more than 15 million STBs and the number keeps growing with STB sales averaging between 2 million and 3 million a year.

Since then, we have established GDL to maintain and support STB’s specifically for the South African market and serve as an aftersales support centre and accessories reseller.

The formation of AMMI was necessitated by the need for an internationally focussed commercial entity to service the international STB markets. As such, UEC was refocused to serve the Sub-Sahara Africa market and serve as the manufacturing entity for electronic devices.

All three entities, AMMI, UEC, and GDL form individual commercial entities within the Altech Multimedia Group.

An award winning organisation

Since 1996 to date, Altech Multimedia/Altech UEC have won numerous awards in the following categories:

  • Design
  • Technical Innovation
  • Product Development Cycles
  • Manufacturing Excellence
  • Top 100 Technology
  • Top Exporter
  • Corporate Social Investment
  • Science & Technology
  • Proudly South African
  • Regional Productivity Award in the Corporate Sector
  • Altron Group CEO Award
  • Altech Company of the year
  • Minister of Science and Technology award for Management of Innovation
  • Minister of Science and Technology award for Overall Excellence
  • Altron Transformation award
  • 2014 TT100 - Excellence in the Management of Innovation
  • 2014 TT100 - Excellence in the Management of Systems