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EU WEEE Recycling information

Upon request, and in accordance with Article 11 of the EU Directive 2002/96
(EC) on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) and its
repective transpositions into national law of the EU Member States, UEC
will provide information to recyclers concerning information for treatment
facilities. In Order for the request to be processed, requests must be
submitted in English and include the following information:

Company Name / Country:
Email address:
Contact name:

Please direct your inquiry to the following:

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  with subject line = EU WEEE Recycling information



Download the following PDF documents and manuals for further information:

990 User Manual
DSD990 [2,108 Kb]

DVR830i User Manuals
Operating Instructions [2,679 Kb]
Installation Manual [4,092 Kb]

933 User Manuals
DSD933 [1,645 Kb]

910 User Manuals
DSD910 [3,803 Kb]

750 User Manuals
DTT750 [1,604 Kb]

720i User Manuals
DSD720i [492 Kb]
STU720i [975 Kb]
DSD720i [602 Kb]
EN2 User Manual [1,954 Kb]

720 User Manuals
STU720 [502 kb]
DSD720 [602 Kb]

700 User Manuals
DSD700 [739 Kb]
DSD700 [579 Kb]
STU700 [456 Kb]
DSD700 [714 Kb]
DSD700 - English [841 Kb]
DSD700 - Greek [1.340 Kb]
DSD700 [744 Kb]

660 User Manuals
China DSD660 [1.037 Kb]
DSD660 [606 Kb]
Galaxis DSD660 [526 Kb]

Previous Manuals
Operators manual for the 642 decoder [1.681 Kb]
Operators manual for the 645 decoder [1.452 Kb]
Operators manual for the 660 decoder [1.419 Kb]
SCART Connections [13 Kb]
Decoder Installers Manual [1.220 Kb]

View or print these PDF files using Adobe Reader 5.0 available free from